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Grab touch Olympic Games happy event to enrage new personality to gather to
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Bridegroom and bride raise torch jointly, ignite the happy life henceforth... open when the 29th Olympic Games that momently, bark gentleman and the wedding of Ms. Li also are performed in synchronism, and on wedding, new people is returned ignite torch to serve as bridal content. On August 11, the reporter learns from association of Shenyang town hotel, the Olympic Games wants to touch an Olympic Games to be fond of gas in year indeed many, shen Cheng banquets of a lot of wine shop marriage explode full, and the new people that is not satisfied at machine-made traditional wedding, blend in Olympic Games element bridal, begin to go after personalized wedding.

Nearly 2000 pairs of new personality do marriage banquet 8 days

"Be the light that touched an Olympic Games really, arrive 10 days from August 8, everyday 56 pairs of new personality hold marriage dinner, the staff member is busy came nevertheless. Because field is restricted, partial wedding is arranged was in in the evening, there are two weddings on average in the evening everyday. " when the reporter asks about circumstance of banquet of near future marriage, the wine shop with the biggest Shenyang -- Mr Li says director of big public house of the world spring.

The understanding in interviewing arrives, each marriage banquet of big wine shop holds Shen Cheng circumstance and the world spring big public house is basic and same, 8 days, 9 days mix, banquet of marriage of each big wine shop explodes full. The personage inside course of study estimates, only the Olympic Games will kick off on August 8 that day, shenyang had nearly 2000 pairs of new personality to walk into marital hall.

"According to convention, will belong to in August marriage those who celebrate the market is off-season, but off-season this year not weak, marrier relatively in former years became much many. Before August 10 days, our home has more than 10 pairs of new personality to hold wedding every weekend. " Mr Li introduces.

Astral class hotel is accident " encounter cold "

As contrary as wine shop, the marriage banquet of hotel of class of Shenyang city star is accident however " cold and cheerless " . The reporter interviews understanding to arrive, during the astral class hotel of Shenyang SamSung above will come 11 days on August 1, marriage banquet holds a quantity to exceed 10 can be counted on one's fingers.

In the relevant controller of big public house of class of a star tells the street the reporter, come at ordinary times the person that the hotel engages marriage banquet is very much, very much even person shifts to an earlier date half an year is booked, book very hard get. But in August " Olympic Games month " in, marriage banquet decreases apparently however. Arrive 11 days from 1 day, they held the wedding of 34 new personality. "This far beyond our expect. " this chief says.
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