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Nanjing bride " airborne " flower wedding
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Bridal summer cloud (alias) , although preparation is bridal time is very short, gave oneself however almost perfect " the flower is bridal " , the spot decorates a flower more than 2000 roses, a few kinds match a flower to distribute a page, from inside the home the vase before the bed, greet close automobile body, the flower in court is worn, go up to the desk on marriage banquet, the eyeful on arena is a flower, and these flowers are it is from a great distance from Yunnan airborne and those who come.
Decorate wedding, the flower is ace

Fruit of Diane pink rose, France red rose, violet empress rose, ivy, firedrake, macrobian leaf... the shopping sheet that does not think this is beautiful inn, these breed are Xia Yun only the one part of airborne flower breed, so many flower, asked 5 gardeners to start labour to finish embroider that day. The means that decorates wedding is very much, color screen, balloon, candlestick... the have everything that one expects to find with Western-style Chinese style. "Complete flower is bridal " inspirational, xia Yun is the fashionable wedding that derives from Shanghai. "I need very a lot of more flower, the most crucial is a lot of breed are found very hard in Nanjing market, although find the value,also can compare unusual. " she appeared finally a very bold idea, go to Kunming buying a flower. "Airborne wedding of a flower comes over, still have a risk very much, after all flower too enervated, shift to an earlier date deliver goods also can be to shift to an earlier date one day only, if discovered goods has what problem that day, have the time of have enough to meet need very hard! Have the time of have enough to meet need very hard!!

The price of 1/4 is done calm " beautiful ocean "

Xia Yun is very successful feeling ground description, "My flower light is the rose has more than 2000, match flower and leaf and so on otherly, do not issue more than 20 kinds. " marriage celebrate company estimation the flower on her wedding, in Nanjing value absolutely not less than ten thousand and five, xia Yun laugh breathes out breathe out the ground to say: "Actually I was spent only 4000 less than, be in because of my wedding 51, airborne flower had risen in price, or the meeting is cheaper! Or the meeting is cheaper!!

The flower of the eyeful on lawn, arena gives priority to a problem with the flower on the setting that go up, every desk has a flower on late banquet, still can regard as the gift lets guest bring back the home. "Do not think Guang Youmei marvellous is enough, actually Guang Mei rares this is same, also can have a lot of variety, there also are a lot of rare varieties inside, for instance violet rose; Looking a flower additionally is pink, actually light is pink rose also is met administrative levels is differ, have 56 kinds of pink, make ball-flower no matter in that way, still make hold a flower in both hands, the flower of administrative levels gradual change, can let whole adornment become vivid; Seeing what take in my hand far is white rose, actually that is green rose, the white rose with good effect of real visual sense is this kind of white ribbon the breed with green move... " Xia Yun speaks of him " beautiful classics " , it is a knowledge simply.
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