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The man is doted on Chinese take hold archaic palace form bridal
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On July 8 morning, the wedding of a having a unique style drew the look of a lot of Xi'an citizens. This is the special wedding of lasting appeal of court of a rich ancient time, the bridegroom on wedding and bride wear wide robe big sleeve, colour is flowery Chinese take, their tie hair is alliance, acceptance " hold your hand, grow old with you " . The reporter understands in the spot, bridegroom Shi Fei is Chinese take lover, also be " cabinet of thill of a small room " a netizen of the website, early has wear Chinese take the wish that holds wedding, to realize his dream, his netizen helps him plan, made preparations this is bridal.
Yesterday morning, xi'an hands in noisy and confused of the voice in auditorium of first floor of big public house of big southern Asia, lively and extraordinary, an archaize wedding is held ceremoniously here. The reporter sees, besides bridegroom, bride in the spot dress Chinese is taken outside, a few emcee also are wearing color, type of each different Chinese take. So special wedding lets the relatives and friends of bridal bridegroom shine at the moment not only, also attracted the citizen of many transient here.

Midday 12 when whole, as advocate emcee " enter the arena " , wear red Chinese to take, below the company of the female emcee that beaming bridegroom and bride are wearing pink, shamrock Chinese to take respectively in two, fund fund enters an assembly hall. When they come in, a few emcee are contended for on the side grabbing grab fill the red bean beans in the basin, scatter on bridegroom bride body. Advocate emcee says, this formal cry " Sa Dou " , these red bean bean weevil ask for riches and honour lucky, can bring to bridegroom bride lucky. Subsequently bridegroom bride walks up downstage, sit relative to, a piece of table is among two people, there are the food such as rice, vegetable and two archaic goblets on the table. Emcee read out of two people " marriage book " , subsequently two people do obeisance to heaven and earth, Bai Gaotang, husband and wife is right do obeisance to, drank make a cup of wine. Whole spousal altogether has more than 10 link.

The most touching in bridal process should count " tie hair is alliance " this link. An old female emcee cuts hair of below one gather on bridal head, cut hair of below one gather on bridegroom head again, knot of two gather hair, put in a hop-pocket, indicative two people become husband and wife formally, this lifetime does not leave forever do not abandon. The hair that sees two people is put together by knot, bridegroom and bride are showing lachrymal light in the eye.

This special wedding lasted half hour, 12 when 30 minutes, the ceremony ends, the guest that attends wedding expresses a blessing to bridegroom bride with enthusiastic applause. Yue Man says happy bride excitedly: "I am the Chinese teacher of a middle school, special to ancient culture have deep love for, this archaize wedding lets me feel very romantic today, also made me personal experience the glamour of our country. Also made me personal experience the glamour of our country..
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