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The man is held on maternal funeral to use up filial piety bridal
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Malaysia a mother dreams to get married to the son soon in person all the time, die of illness before wedding however. His son is last wish of the mother that finish, bear bitterness by force to hold wedding on maternal funeral.
Malaysia " new channel times " report 13 days, the · of dimension of auspicious of mulberry of man P · that is 28 years old pulls Zhan 12 days to be in home town Xue Lane city is mid held funeral for Na Lani of maternal K · . In the meantime, he held Hinduism tradition wedding before maternal coffin, the bridal R · that marries 25 years old Saxijiala.

"I also can be in after funeral cathedral marriage, but can my mother still attend? At least my mother still is here now, enough already to me, " pull Zhan to shedding a tear to say, "Today (wedding and funeral) hold at the same time, it is the saddest to me, also be a the gladdest day. It is the saddest to me, also be a the gladdest day..

Pull Zhan Yuan to hold wedding on 30 days. 10 days, na Lani is things of son purchase wedding in India, sudden heart disease dies. The father that plays Zhan offers the son holds wedding on maternal funeral, the mother that finish attends bridal desire personally.
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