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Field marriage gauze grabs camera lens according to characteristic scenery
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Chun Nuanhua leaves, the new people that preparing romantic wedding wants to patting conditions or feelings of the lower levels to decide the marriage gauze of lifetime to illuminate right now certainly. No longer the setting of building of constrained Yu Ying, more new personality are willing to film to field the originality photograph of beautiful beauty, the good place that outskirt of on a few Beijing films marriage gauze is illuminated is given below.

The prairie on dam grabs camera lens easily

On the dam of spring, still have some of a nip in the air, the bride is carrying the long long skirt of marriage gauze to place, pull a hand to run with bridegroom hand on the grass that has filar silk green idea in extensive, should be a how beautiful picture. In the Bai Hua forest that no matter be to dripping,morning shows, still be the setting sun on dazzling hill, no matter be to pulling farm cattle to roam in afield, still riding courser to gallop go up in the prairie, it is the perfect picture scroll that flies wing to wing to person of a round flat piece of jade with a hole in its center. Want record and him (she) the happiness of double Su Shuangfei, coagulate the agreement of at present one's whole life, be inferior to going on dam the prairie pats marriage gauze!

Take car line: Be in east straight door is long-distance station, sit the long-distance car that leaves for Feng Ning, feng Ning arrives after 4 hours, in Feng Ning car terminal gets off can go up the Xiaoba that leaves for Hailiutu.

Drive oneself circuit: From the Beijing on 3 yuan of bridges by the way, along 111 countries northerly travel. Through bayou of island of byre hill annulus, soup, growing the 3 fork in a road of chirp battalion crossing, want to be able to arrive at Feng Ning toward north along wrong way.

Set each other off of peach blossom of face of smooth cereal person is red

Ping Gu's spring is gules spring, many mus of 10 peach blossom is opened eagerly, peach blossom of all over the mountains and plains is red, be like Xia Shijin. At present spends a red-letter day quickly to Ping Gutao again, why to come to what photograph of individual face peach blossom flushs gauze of absolutely beautiful marriage?

Make the same score hill of annulus of Gu San face, air is fresh, every arrive spring, peach blossom is delicate and charming be about to drip, might as well pass through the romantic travel that the record side peach blossom enjoys to issue you by the side of corridor of peach blossom of a hunderd li. Should arrive only Ping Gu, no matter be,you can discover village of side of wayside, river is medium between hill, it is to become everywhere piece into piece peach forest, the peach blossom on the branch or deep or shallow, delicate and charming and clinking. Have a good swim in beautiful sea, person face peach blossom, frequently bride and peach blossom who is more delicate and charming? This should be a circuitry that suits DIY marriage gauze to illuminate particularly!
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