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The United States " marry mad " marry 23 years to be held 94 times bridal
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Average person lifetime perhaps has walked along red carpet only, but husband and wife of American conjugal love wears Wei Blair and fatigue Er of Lai of cloth of human relations · since after marrying 1984, will 23 years hold wedding 94 times in world each district early or late! Although create the Jinisi with finish marriage maximum number already world record, but meaning still they return unexhausted the plan will hold wedding the 95th times on July 7. Davy expresses: "I love her to surpass everything, be willing to marry with her everyday, end till life! End till life!!

Marry the frequency achieves a record

According to the report, er of Lai of cloth of the · that wear dimension and fatigue of 55 years old Er of Lai of cloth of human relations · is husband and wife of a pair of conjugal love, come from heart of American Tennessee go smoothly Sen Weier city, former it is an arena technician, latter is a business manager. In the years that marries 23 years, they held wedding 94 times in all, ground of not decline to shoulder a responsibility is become the couple with maximum number marries on the world, created record of auspicious Nisi world accordingly.

It is reported, this is right " marry mad " connubial first time marries is on May 6, 1984, the place is located in American California tray of cereal " the 7th Shu Guang hotel " . Because bilateral that day parents cannot arrive in time, young couple is forced to be in Chicago city at morrow reiteration marry oath. During honeymoon, the star is informed in Las Vegas when this pair of new personality when · rice straps Betty to also hold wedding in place, excited decision holds wedding again.

Since then, two people send irremediable to holding the flame of wedding, as if went up addiction, they almost every other a few months are about to hold wedding! Arrive 23 years of 2007 from 1984 in, couple of cloth Lai Er actually altogether held 94 wedding, and their marriage the place is to spread all over the United States more each district and a few abroad holiday resorts.

Bridal norms six to one

It is reported, couple two the costliest wedding are first time wedding, cost 3000 pound, and spent 30 pound the cheapest merely. At this late hour, lao Lun still is withholding the bridal ceremonial robe or dress that wears when first time is bridal, can be to her present character, that dress is apparent already too cross thin and small.

Accordingly, she bought 3 other white formal attire in succession again later, every time " the day of great rejoicing " when advent, she puts on them by turns. Be in the 10th times on wedding, bridegroom wears dimension to wearing false nose, glasses and fake beard, masked into Hollywood famous comedian Gelaoqiao Makesi's about.

Nod all kinds of strange things bridally

The bridal ground of two chooses the couple also is all kinds of strange things. The 45th wedding is poor in American Tennessee the first month this of city " feline king " former residence -- , Geleisilan is manorial on hold, couple two companion as " feline king " song is spoken again " I am willing " . 2001, they are gone to before in pairs again Scotland " elope heaven " -- , Geleituona Glyn is pressed down, be in local bridal center " blacksmith shop " wedding was held in anvil sound.
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