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Bridal marriage certificate shows collective of period of the Republic of C
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The collective with popular moment of the Republic of China is bridal

Advocate simple, economy and majestic

When new personality enters, guest applauses not to cast paper flower only

Peaceful wave museum received a cultural relic

The person that is worth to do marriage to go in for pomp well consider

Our newspaper is stationed in picture of Yu Ying of Ning Bo's reporter by store found a state the gentleman is offerred

Report from our correspondent " the marriage certificate that this is the Ning Bo on Shanghai of period of the Republic of China's businessman, although be apart from,already had 60 today old, but still witnessed grave at that time scene in good conditionly.

What this attends to the youth is collective wedding, advocate to be in sparely it is thus clear that already popular at that time. " the collect person of the marriage certificate store found a state smiling to introduce to the citizen that looking around.

Yesterday is our country the 2nd " culture bequest day " , the peaceful wave museum in be being prepared held a painting and calligraphy, cultural relic to donate a ceremony, 19 when received arrival to collect lover and enthusiastic citizen give from folk in all that day " the treasure that sends the home " , so far, tibet tastes the folk that peaceful wave museum collects to had achieved about a hundred.

The marriage certificate resembles certificate of merit same

Can inside canister of be involved in

Between the work of painting and calligraphy that got yesterday and cultural relic, store found a state the marriage certificate of period of donative the Republic of China, drew the look of many people.

This is a complete marriage certificate, have the paper tube of two bright red color, writing with the original complex form of a simplified Chinese character above " fellow villager of Shanghai of peaceful wave brigade meets the 47th fellow villager group marriage certificate " , store found a state say, this is to use those who deposit a marriage certificate technically. The marriage certificate resembles present certificate of merit same, size reports paper like one side general, coil to be able to take in paper tube.

The marriage certificate that is put in paper tube so has been parted now model has been sealed, in duplicate, one is the man, another leaves the woman namely. Through 60 those who carry years erode, the paper of two marriage certificates has been sent yellow, but intact however, a trace clarity that is left by lick is visible.

Marriage certificate content from right towards the left, fore-and-aft composing. Can see from the marriage certificate, bridegroom, bride is county of Zhejiang province Yin (namely division of present state of Yin of Ning Bo city) person, when marrying, have head of 20 annual expenditure only, the address that holds wedding still was recorded to could there be in Shanghai on the marriage certificate the hall that fellow villager of wave brigade Shanghai meets, verso side by side post wear a inch of two people to illuminate, the stamp duty ballot of period of post the Republic of China is returned above, it is to marry below the photograph person, preside over a wedding ceremony the full name of person, introducer, chief witness at a wedding ceremony and affix one's seal, the leftest the date that is the marriage certificate that get " China the Republic of China 32 years on May 19 (namely on May 19, 1943) " .
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