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Bridal likelihood is a kind of complete mankind's the oldest, most general ceremony, to most person, wedding is the milepost of life, it proclaims the birth of a new family, the changeover of identity of two new personality. Wedding also is a kaleidoscope, from which can peek gives the culture zephyr common with different not coetaneous perhaps country.

The United States: Consume nearly 30 thousand dollar on average /

According to statistic, since 1990, the bridal number that the United States holds every year increases 2.4 million of present from 1.16 million, average consumption rises by 15 thousand dollar to twenty-seven thousand eight hundred dollar. If want calculation buy bridal chamber, buy the fee that gets Buddhist monastic discipline, other place to have honeymoon
, amount is more huge. These two years, the store of marriage gauze photography of tens of thousands of is in the United States blossom everywhere, company of the wedding on the net more be like the emerge in large numbers like emerge.

The gift that American gives newlywed is by new personality he is put forward commonly, close friends choose to buy. According to the tradition, bridal charge is mixed by the woman commonly her family is whole burden, but both sides of male and female also can partake jointly now.

Divorce rate of the United States is as high as 50 % left and right sides, many people should marry a few times all one's life. "Nowadays, the wedding of American is newlywed greatly people of vanity vie. " the adviser of a bridal advisory company represents Maryland state.

Thailand: Marriage celebrate economy one branch alone beautiful

Thai marriage, no matter the rich and the poor, can do his best do spousal dynamic. Not long ago, a wealthy businessman of Bangkok place is married female, guest relatives and friends in all 1000 much people attend. Besides before Vice Prime Minister, before outside the person such as constabulary overall length, currently hold the post ofpremier element to pull Yo to also visit congratulation. Please royalty member, currently hold the post ofcurule and present had made a kind of habit. Expensive stranger is much, show popularity good, outer part is large. Wealthy person marries, everybody wants to put an advertisement on newspaper toward contact congratulation.

Current, "Marriage celebrate economy " had become Thailand one branch grows beautifully alone model economic industry, predict the business income 2006 can amount to an ancient unit of weight of 30 billion peaceful (add up to a RMB 6.5 billion yuan) . According to statistic, the average expenditure that at present Thailand city new personality holds wedding is an ancient unit of weight of 200 thousand peaceful (add up to a RMB about 43 thousand yuan) , average every bridal and present guest is 300. The wedding of about 30 % should be held in hotel of 45 stars class, and can ask marriage celebrate a company to chair wedding. A bridal main component is to pat marriage gauze to illuminate, one is patted to want an ancient unit of weight of 15 thousand peaceful at least in special shadow building (add up to a RMB 3300 yuan) above, if want to take outer door scene, to price of seaside, park taller. As a result of the person that take a picture much, the place of famous gas should shift to an earlier date at least a month makes an appointment.
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