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Beautiful garden wedding
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The day May is very blue, the sense that gives a person can have happy thing to appear certainly, writing down is once who has said: The bride May is the happiest, because again the flower of charming beauty also is compared is not to go up bridal smiling face. Eye is beautiful afternoon, a suit clean the bride of 100 is graceful go up in the lawn with green overlapping grass, lean close in him beside: The beautiful male feminine lead in picture of a poem.
100 kinds tent is put up on green meadow, tulip and lily compose became full whole garden. The champagne cup that get rid of appears and mug-up of fruit of of all kinds put take one's place. People is taking the beverage that love drinks or fruit juice at will, or bleb wine, each other stop Tan Xiao, lift a cup of photograph to wish. If have at this moment,the person can mount look down at of the tip of a tree, affirmative meeting plaints the beautiful picture of this flow: Add of full-dress guest land add will to lawn smiling, happy, sharing she and his sweetness. For today is he and she best time, the royal wedding of the prince in fairy tale and princess is about to begin. . . . . . .

Accompanying holy composition to ring, two go on carpet about 7, 8 years old of flowers that feel kind child, special small the cherub that 100 gauze foil them so that be just as love, leaf flies upwards in sky, transmitting the endless blessing to new personality, behind, the bride is pulling arm fund fund of father to move toward the bridegroom that raise one's head and look anxiouslies expect. In color of compose full moon the flower door of rose and 100 kinds of lily falls, bridal father gives beloved daughter the bridegroom that awaits below beautiful door, what both hands photograph grasps is flashy, the one instant that double eye inspects relatively, people can find their the other party this happiness between and love, erupt, it is abiding, the day ability that lifetime photograph carries begins, although the following day can have hardships and twist probably, but at the moment, what brim over with only in the heart of two people is sweet.

Stand before the stage that the flower clusters round, in chief witness at a wedding ceremony lead, the oath " that " of mutual read out loves: "I, wish to be a couple with your knot, henceforth no matter be full of miserably, disease health, my general uses up me to be able to cherish you, devoted to you, ask parents and everybody to kiss friend to be card. . . . . "Once the solemn pledge of love changes the perfect the fate brings lovers together now, from henceforth, their world look is allowed, heart hand is linked together, stand together regardless of situation, will face prospective challenge jointly.

At this moment, lovely floret child the pillow of Buddhist monastic discipline that pulls a Lei Sihua brim, circle between damask knot to getting ring glisteningly, bridegroom gets off among them a gentle ground is covered on bridal left-hand ring finger, the bride also wears the keepsake that this likewise precious eternity loves for bridegroom, meanwhile they more engrave the name of the other side in heart " to hold your hand forever, with child carry old " . . . . . .
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