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The romantic wedding below Philippine sunshine
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"The country of 1000 islands " Philippine the beach that having azure and the dotted islands, harbour that masts scull connects the cloud, bright and clean seawater, white continous to grow, the natural landscape of like nature itself is moved because of strong different national condition and appear romantic and extraordinary. Western culture is here east shirt-sleeve, ancient folkway folk custom continues here, and the sort of has distinguishing feature alone bridal form in this beautiful country is to attracting the newly-married beautiful woman that comes from each country all the time more.

Philippine the girl that resembles charming of a be ashamed, the Western Europe emotional appeal that does not have distinguishing feature with its and inherent natural scenery are become sadly
Those who be wedding of world honeymoon destination is optimal hold one of places. The building of style of kind-hearted and white sand of shadow of blue sea blue sky, coco, friendly people, Spain, still have world-famous romantic setting sun, attracted gradually increasing the newly-married beautiful woman that comes from world each district. The airliner last a period of time that takes southern airline after the flight of 5 many hours, " bride " the reporter of the magazine came to this alone attractive " the country of 1000 islands " celebrated an activity to undertake special subject is interviewed to special marriage of place.

Philippine it is the country that culture of fault of a new old acquaintance, thing blends. Because go up to ever was dominated hundreds of years by Spain in the history, have Western Europe emotional appeal quite to folkway from the building so. Beautiful natural landscape increases individual exotic emotional appeal, western culture adds ancient folkway folk custom east, these make undoubtedly Philippine the veil that cheated a mystery. Round-the-world voyage of Mai Zhelun enters Catholic area this Asia island country, western civilization walked into the soul of Everyman and daily life gradually so. With likeness of most west country, philippine bridal ceremony is held in cathedral normally. Besides weekday go to church, present cathedral can book a whole theater in order to hold grand wedding. Be in Philippine, people likes to be in more in May bumper harvest section when run bridal message lucky happiness. Because of conjugal time paragraph compare concentration, the crowd of bridal spot street embrace block up slowly can ongoing. The creep of float team Xu that bridegroom bride takes sails, surround the people of view to anounce enthusiastic applause and joyous laugh, encountering car cries the horn expresses congratulation, each district is enmeshed in beaming atmosphere.

With China consuetudinary different, be in Philippine the dress that attends bridal people is not black it is white. Originally the bride on traditional cathedral wedding should wear white marriage gauze, bridegroom wears ceremonial robe or dress of chic Philippine traditional man (Barong) , this kind of formal attire is a kind of transparent department is buckled men's shirt, use normally play special party or great situation. Look nowadays, the dress that more and young newlywed had abandoned a tradition now and chose more to glow, the formal attire that has rich people distinguishing feature at the same time, brides are in of so beautiful formal attire foil below more be like,dimple delicate and charming and flower, moving, let a person can't help be one of light at the moment, gasp in admiration heartily Philippine deep, beautiful people culture.  
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