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Marriage common writes down tradition of the Yi nationality of northeast of
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The marital program of the Yi nationality of northeast of another name for Yunnan Province must be experienced talk about a marriage, " allow an opening " , " libation " , " carbonado eats " wait for a few link, ability approachs married auspicious day.

The first link is to talk about a marriage. Visit of man parent course, seek advice, be in preliminary and affirmatory after the object, the ceremony asks a glib go-between, enclose one altar good wine with red cloth, send the woman the home. Woman parent has accepted wine world, on the spot open the envelop, drink readily, ask go-between to hit a your home, agree, do not make any expression. Spent period of time, go-between is holding the good wine that red cloth of family expenses of one world man encloses in both hands to come again, woman parent still on the spot open the envelop, drink readily, make known his position clearly to marriage. If " allow an opening " (agree with) namely, talk things over then, agreed concerned matters concerned.

It is next " libation " . Arrived the auspicious day of make choice of, prospective son-in-law is in of go-between accompany below, carry superior rice wine to reach woman home ancestor of hold a memorial ceremony for. Woman home wants decorate with lanterns and streamers, the lamp before igniting ancestor memorial tablet by Bi Ma illuminates, song reads aloud lection, greet ancestor soul to enter house mind, the Yi of go-between bulletin man is surnamed and " detailed garment " (namely) of pedigree of a clan, give a gift to woman home.

The last link is " carbonado eats " . Prospective bridegroom is accompanied by a gang male youth, taking money ceremony to reach woman home, woman home should kill a pig to slaughter ovine entertainment. Between banquet, a indispensable dish is carbonado, carbonado two wing are shared by prospective bridegroom, bride, the more than bone of gallinaceous wing twines a design grain to act the role of with 5 kinds of lines, hand in save each by prospective bridegroom, bride, it is to be keepsake. Those who marry is formal and consuetudinary have because of different dialectal area not. Cardinal principle of the Yi nationality of northeast of another name for Yunnan Province is attributive area of dialect of the eastpart part and upper and dialectal area. In area of dialect of the eastpart part, the night before last of wedding day, the maiden girl of village of bridal place house assembles in bridal room in, the ballad with festival chant is congratulated with showing. The form that the bride calls with crying, appreciate the kindness of parents that foster, pour out the affection of the true love with loath to part from each other of neighborhood of sister of parents, brother, villager. Greet close bridegroom to must prepare a horse (avoid uses) of Bai Ma, dapple, 3, 5 new clotheses, a sheep, accompany man, suite 229 people. Bridal uncle, uncle, brother kisses medium male with until, serve as send close guest give a dowry to a daughter the bride to husband home. Reached husband home, the bride is before the door discontinue, bi Ma sings happy song, read aloud the abracadabra of exorcise, throw away food crops, copper cash, next bridegroom bride in pairs is done obeisance to into house hall, enter bridal chamber, married ceremony is accused finish.
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