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Each big college BBS the sagacious cold jest that go up
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The romance with real 1. proposes should be such: A man with elegant demeanour asked 10 colleagues to have a meal, have the Mm that he admires in the heart among them. When taking an in part, he stands up suddenly walk along Mm beside, the chair that takes Mm next is whole moved 90 degrees of him look out, and at the moment in Mm mouth crowded all sorts of food... at this moment, he draws out suddenly from bag 4 crowded money says: "This is 40 thousand yuan of subscription, are you willing to marry me? " Mm was stupefied at once, excited tear seizes the socket of eye and go out, her sob is worn draw out machine of check bank note, moment hind says: "These are true -- I am willing! " (people in the same condition help each other)

2. just buys a ticket to the railway station, result however empty-handed and return, the road sees catchphrase of one conduct propaganda: Chengdu is a place that will do not think. Understand this word eventually now " meaning " ! Chengdu, send suffer from excessive internal heat the car me please tonight! (Blue sky)

3. bear the palm informs: Of branch of the support of the leader in the president, Dean's office, logistics cooperate, below the instruction of directive teacher, 3 classmates acquire my school the first prize of contest of such-and-such cup composition that by Tianjin each college holds. As a result of limited space, classmate of bear the palm surnames a famous general to inform separately! (Leave south my love)

4. 4 students hit mahjong in the dormitory, abrupt police break into, took away 5 people... (Beijing University not renown)

5. Jia Jueceng says to me under the counter: "Just provide power most to the knife of the utmost dully -- because it is hammer! " (skyline university campus)

6. booking clerk introduces to the last passenger desperately after the car, ground of passenger good intention persuades later: "Eldest sister, you were not squeezed, go up not to come really we waits for next wading car... " (water wood community)

7. school invite applications for a job is met on, mi Jilin (make tire namely) a pen examination questions: Why won't bird station get an electric shock on the high tension line?

My dormitory learns to reply together: Because it is wearing shoe of balata of Mi Jilin card!

As a result he is entire school exclusive by the undergraduate students of employ... (never forget where one's happiness comes from)

One v/arc drillmaster is encountered when 8. college military training, whole class by him " repair " very miserable. Military training ends, liberate to celebrate, everybody casts respected and beloved v/arc drillmaster enthusiasticly to the middle of sky, when he falls happily, the person that sends now face however has exposed his body... (never forget where one's happiness comes from)

That boy pledges eventually next door 9. should reduce weight -- graduation invite applications for a job is met on, someone said to him sentence: "Brother, let, you are blocking my mobile phone signal. " (water wood community)
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