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Christmas sales of holiday items into the end of the wedding season meet
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"Yiwu index" index compiled the latest release of Office report shows that prices of raw materials affected by the price index edged up 0.07 points last week to continue. Winter, winter clothing, footwear products and accessories, home improvement classes needle / Textile and other industries ushered straight season. Close of the year, industry Zouwang wedding, wedding party items on the market have ushered in the season. 【Index】 latest Price index continued to rise slightly Driven by rising raw material prices in the price index edged up 0.07 points last week to continue to 101.55 points. Under the four sub-indices with, in addition to online transactions price index for the previous week, the trading floor order price index edged down 0.47 point, the export price index and trading floor trading price indices were directly Edged up 0.65 points and 0.23 points, effectively pulled the overall average upward. 15 categories of commodities, were mixed. Affected by rising raw material prices, needle / textiles price index continued to rise in four weeks, last week, rose 1.84 points to 105.68 points; toy rapid rise in the price index recently, last week from 106.68 points rose to 102.38 points; stop rising packaging materials down, down 1.36 points; footwear for nearly two weeks were to fall, down 0.61 points last week to 98.03 points. In the 97 secondary categories, locks, package, educational toys or table ranking the first three seats were up 6.64 points, 6.5 points and 4.4 points; glasses class category rain gear, shoes, boots category list decline in the first three list seats, divided Dropped by 3.39 points, 2.14 points and 1.9 points. 【Explanation】 Index Usher in holiday season wedding supplies 【Index】 Forecast Christmas goods sales nears its end These two days, special crafts venue popular gathering, industry turnover lively. Christmas is approaching, will feature dance and music with domestic sales rising Santa Claus, Christmas items with a popular Chinese elements Favor of domestic buyers, wearing Santa Claus costume sales potential is good. However, according to businessmen who introduced the Christmas goods sales have been close. "This year Christmas almost did the business." Yesterday, Ms Chu busy for months was finally empty down. She said the order by the end of October to end trade Beam was. Focus on foreign trade factory, most of them have a single domestic business to do a single. If the factory did not inventory, the store generally does not take orders. She anticipated that after two weeks, the domestic business is also over. In addition, with the advent of the winter shopping season, home improvement classes needle / textile industry sales climbed steadily. Festive red cushions, cushion covers and other products will be popular around the business, the venue of booming sales of wholesale and retail; the end of home improvement needs Seeking heavy volume, cloth curtains strong domestic sales, embroidered curtains, printed curtains expected to usher in sales.