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[Recommend] the group buys individual character of autumn marriage gauze- - be r
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Time: 28 years September 10-11 month 10 days
Number: Is  suitable admire?
Cost price: 2888 yuan of groups buy preferential price: 1688 yuan
Service limits: Does  raw meat or fish persuade graceful Si of Lv of で of  of all of   Li showing disrespect or contempt?
Service means: Does second of have a nightmare of ぷ of cheek chasm grave break annulus  happily?
Time of work and rest:  an ancient type of banner hoisted on a featherdecked mast?
Operating conditions spends: The serious passion that respect property is professional
Workplace: ; of outskirts of; of campus of; of ave of; of Ba of Wen of cheek chasm accept Home? your home or any places that you consider to go
Working flow: Deposit of? of skirt  ぴ )- - meet communicate (more than)---Make film plan---Film, see kind- - make
----Take---Become a friend

Film setting: Indoor- - only one is video; of canopy of shadow of major of thematic photography house outdoor- - discuss to choose
Film dress: Offer fashionable dress (the guest also can carry dress oneself)
Make up modelling: Provide makeup face and model freely, film whole journey follows makeup
Film time: A long time
Film amount: Film digital file 100 pieces of above, original document sends completely
Payment: Sign up prepaid 200 yuan of subscription, the phone makes an appointment meet to communicate and film time, film paid that day more than
Later period makes: PS 50 Zhang Zhao piece essence of life repairs album and smooth dish CD (embedded and total number former piece)
Other choose essence of life additionally to repair CD 5 yuan / piece, enter album 20 yuan / piece.
Send 40X25 high-grade and delicate an organic whole shape album 1, contain cover back cover 30 pages
60 inches of canvas are contained one piece make 40 inches of crystal appearances
Only one is video thematic photography address: Suitable De Daliang is mixed on nursery school of office of orange osmanthus district cabinet of scene of Guisan street drive is spread 7 numbers
Photography: Mou Bin (Max) QQ:190289 Tel:13112721068 15918002667
Client communication group: 20608346 volunteer model group: 8480762(is restricted female)
Only one work is referred to: HTtp://zhengse.poco.cn
[payment] imprest serve as deposit 200 yuan, tail section films paid that day.
To discharge nonlocal client to take ready money inconvenience can transfer accounts first, exclusive photography has inquiry of the bank on the net;
Account of industrial and commercial bank: 9558 8020 1310 7436025
Open an account renown: Mou Bin
Agricultural bank account: 62284 8146 04609 11113
Open an account renown: Mou Bin
Before filming, read surely:

@ eliminates special requirement outside, we do not suggest you stick false eyelash. @ does not undertake so called film odd piece, if want to film only a few pieces of photographs, you need not seek advice. @ our principle is: Film man-to-manly. According to the guest's condition and time, according to the content that cover a department arrangement films
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