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Seascape group buys price newest roll out value of 1680 yuan of total packages
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Love bay seascape includes price 1680 yuan completely

◆ offers Ai Wei the whole journey such as photography major cameraman and modelling division, driver is man-to-man service

◆ is this to film time a day, seascape of Shenzhen love bay

◆ new personality makes up 3 group, dress cover model 3 (can take sweethearts to take 1 oneself)

◆ gives modelling of whole journey new personality to use fluid of An Ping elite and Korea false eyelash 1

◆ concentration makes 15 inches of elegant and luxurious skins 28 pieces book (enter 10 pages)

◆ presents 30 inches of luxurious oil painting 1

◆ gives beautiful crystal of 12 inches of brilliant 1

◆ is given elegant 7 inches of crystal photographs wear 1

◆ gives 2R to combine packet of look 2 pieces

◆ films not less than 150 pieces high-quality goods negative

◆ gives the CD that contains negative of 150 pieces of high-quality goods and 28 pieces of essence to write a picture 1 piece

(the know exactly about sth that contain place piles up negative, an album of paintings designs manuscript)

Our company offer Fei Aiwei of ticket of accelerator of route of exterior car vehicle photography is wrapped completely

[film charge] we a collection is one-time film charge, 0 later period are consumed, absolve guest trouble back at home!

[payment] imprest 20% as deposit, film paid that day more than