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Originality of Shijiazhuang 詩 Li photographs, take you to act wildly
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詩 Li, take you to act wildly

Too much contraindication and regulation are had in the life, in the city with a such blatant numerous and complicated, often, we must conceal this true ego with a piece of mask.
The life of inflexible machinery always lets us be kept constantly on the run. And in the depth of our bottom of the heart, total longing can have an opportunity, in a certain forest brook edge is indifferent the ground drops a point wild. We are not by rule person, we are cheesed the life of invariable, backwater.
To me, filming is a kind of life, condition of a kind of life, a kind of lifestyle. But the client to me is not apparently, but the window that can be ornament life, can be a few bouncing note in depressing and expatiatory movement. What actually I want to offer a customer is a photograph not just, more important is a kind of new way of life, a cheerful mood, still have an eternity, beautiful memory.
This kind of feeling, only you and nature calm are faced, when discharge drops mask, you just are met clear sense gets, everything in life is how good. We can not scruple, be without reservation. Search to lose long already Tong Zhen, release true ego, at this moment, what need not you do, only I am being caught.

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