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[10 cross] testimony love, the group is bought film fervent in booking!
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Camera form introduces: Miracle, one does not have photography atelier of consumption 2 times truly. We can be accomplished, repeat without an any work and other here, can absolve the trouble back at home that you consume to 2 here, enjoy most the service of overflow! Because we think, the client is final the friend that is us!

Film scene ground introduces: Beijing 10 cross beauty spot, in Fang Shan the area comes from Zhang Fang in river valley of horse of the refus between the hill of smooth valley, from the capital 90 kilometers. Refus horse river is the affluent of old clear river, from too travel hill rushs down and come, so far abduct ten turns, the landscape crossing that formed 10 to have distinguishing feature each and friend name. Size of this paragraph of riverbed, cross-strait cliff strange peak is continuous, emerald green peak mirrors, water moves hill to shake, landscape is strange beautiful, meaning of picture of extremely rich poetics, have 40 lis of gallery since ancient times say, be known as the Guilin Li Jiang Fengguang of northland.

The group buys the content that cover a department:

Film scene ground: Beijing 10 cross
Film time: About 2 days
Offer dress: 4 groups (dress is restricted without area)
Modelling design: 4 groups (whole journey of professional makeup girl follows makeup)
Film Zhang Shu: 120 pieces
Book: Of different design delicate drench velar an organic whole shapes book 2
18 inches (20 pages) , 12 inches (20 pages)
Add article 1: 40 inches considerably digital woodcut one
Add article 2: 12 inches of numbers are crystal
Add article 3: Accept of rummy of 8 inches of numbers one
Add article 4: The CD that contains 120 pieces of photographs a piece (repair entirely piece give)
Additional offer 1: Expenses of the contact car that heads for exterior ground, fuel, pass by is expended
Additional offer 2: One evening lodges between the 10 levels that cross farmhouse courtyard
Charge: 3680 yuan

Book time: Will come 8 years in August till quota of people is full
Film time: 8 years on August 1 ——10 month 31 days

Seek advice or book dial please: Atelier of photography of miracle of 2371 2710 13752643477
Or QQ: Atelier of 345316472 miracles photography

Market price: ¥ 5, 880
The group buys price: ¥ 3, 680