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Group of gauze of marriage of Changjiang Delta a region of rivers and lakes buys
From;    Author:Stand originally
Film time a day, whole outer door scene (Suzhou environs is optional, offer a car freely to receive a service)
Modelling of whole journey of Beijing modelling division follows makeup
Integral modelling men and women each 3 groups, can take dishabille oneself
Marriage gauze is acted the role of article free and optional
Film digital photograph 160 pieces of above
30 Zhang Ru book is entered dish
16 inches of Bible book
40 inches of placard a piece

24 inches of crystal or rummy offer are big
12 inches of crystal 1 piece

Contain 42 Zhang Jingxiu numbers are large CD a piece

Give picture of 3 inches of purse freely 2 pieces

Market price: ¥ 288, 800
The group buys price: ¥ 190, 0.01