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Let the sea witness our love
From;    Author:Stand originally
Film time 2 days (boreal Dai He is classical seascape virgin forest films 1 day)
Concentration makes album of coloured glaze of thin an organic whole of 18 inches of fine 25 pieces 1
Concentration makes album of 12 inches of Bible 20 pieces 1
A married woman's parents' home of 10 inches of elegant and fashionable magazines book 1
Woodcut of rice of 150*60 elegant accept 1 (casing of optional and luxurious canvas)
24 inches choose luxurious canvas casing 1
Woodcut of 8x12 elegant crystal 2
Move feeling electron album 1
Send data backup smooth dish (contain all filming negative later period is elaborate nap picture album designs draft)

Requirement: 5 pairs of above can enjoy this group to buy an activity! ! ! ! ! !

Market price: ¥ 429, 900
The group buys price: ¥ 350, 0