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"Time the door " ceremony
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According to habit of common of our country marriage, marry 3 days, the bride wants bridegroom of in the company of to return a married woman's parents' home together, also say " answer the door " . This is a kind of indispensable ceremony.

Bridal home takes 3 days seriously to answer the door very much in old person heart, because nativism of this bridegroom thing is,should prepare somewhat on gift, strive for farther-in-law mother-in-law to leave happy good impression.

Gift has beforehand neat, buy the gift that bridal home old person likes, gift has 4 commonly. Answer the door to be in commonly in the morning 9, left at 10 o'clock. Bridegroom bride should attend wedding to be decorated seriously in that way, dress up, maintain that beautiful, pretty image on wedding.

Return a married woman's parents' home, bridegroom, bride should regard an old person above all. At this moment, bridegroom should correct oneself, call farther-in-law mother father, mom as the bride, want to cry nature, kindly, treat relatives and friends and neighbour to also should be shown kind and cordial, complaisant, see the person lets sb know first, treat sb with courtesy.

When repast, the bride wants for company bridegroom, propose a toast to parents, relatives and friends and neighborhood one by one, thank everybody to be opposite the blessing of own newly-married. After the meal, do not be eager to coming home, answer to accompany parents to chat a little while again, listen to their instruction, say good-bye again next come home. Should invite 2 old people and brotherly sister actively to arrive in him home be a guest, also can invite relatives and friends, neighborhood.
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