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Korea marriage celebrates consuetudinary: Kowtow, eat jujube, cross brazier
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Sow as the heat of Han drama, believe the Chinese is bridal to Korea, already did not become aware unfamiliar. . . . Sow as the heat of Han drama, believe the Chinese is bridal to Korea, already did not become aware unfamiliar. The newlywed person that traditional clothing changes after the bilateral parents that wears ethical dress, bridegroom bride that wearing gauze of marriage of western formal attire, bridal ceremony the setting to parental worship on bended knees, resemble Korea one act act is like the film in people heart time put.

So, is what the wedding of raw ingredient of Korea former juice stars like Korea the performance comes out really romantic in that way? The reporter covered the Korea wife that 3 rank a few days ago, from inside their mouth, understood the true aspect of Korea wedding.

Korea madam Zhao Meiyu is person of Korea land for growing field crops, she says, the bridal cent of Korea is two kinds now: One kind is Western-style wedding, a kind of Han Shi that is a tradition is bridal. When a lot of youths hold wedding now, chose former, also many people chose to add traditional detail in Western-style wedding, withheld past bride for instance big jujube, new personality is thrown to cross brazier to wait in skirt consuetudinary.

Jin Zhengmei of boiler hill person tells a reporter, when she marries, wedding or the means according to the tradition hold. Before spousal, should have be engaged ceremony. Jin Zhengmei says, in Korea, both sides of male and female has marry after apiration, the man can take a gift to go to woman home giving the woman's parents kowtow. If woman father and mother agrees, kowtow with respect to what accept him do obeisance to. Agree in bilateral parents hind, can hold be engaged ceremony, man woman exchange is engaged ring. When marrying, the family that the woman can give the man prepares a gift, the man also wants to prepare a gift to the woman's family. Nevertheless, when the man gives woman family the gift, for recreation, receive little fund can symbolisticly. In the gift that gives the woman, the gift that wants number to send a bride is most rich and generous, can send a bride to represent the red line of emotional economize to avoid running short and green line among them. Jin Zhengmei still says, before 20 years, the time that Korea holds bridal ceremony is in commonly in the morning, bridegroom arrives first at the door bridal home, had crossed a brazier, mean drive to walk along monster devil, just can receive a bride next. When the bride arrives at the door bridegroom home, also want to had crossed brazier likewise. Later, the kowtow of new personality Xiang Nan's square parents that wears ethical dress, husband's father and mother can throw the big jujube on the table in bridal skirt, after beatific bride eats a jujube, be born early expensive child.
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