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Custom of wedding of the Bouyei nationality
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The Bouyei nationality, main inhabit a region at southwest of autonomous prefecture of Miao Zu of the Bouyei nationality austral Guizhou Province Guizhou, Guizhou autonomous prefecture of Miao Zu of the Bouyei nationality reachs An Shun area and Guiyang city. Population 2, 545, 059 people.

The Bouyei nationality is a minority with long history of motherland big southwest. Think the Bouyei nationality is ancient time commonly " 100 more " a medium, be the same as a source with Chuang. Somebody still thinks when the Western Han Dynasty " nocturnal man " country and the Bouyei nationality may have origin concern now. The Bouyei nationality on the history often is called " exterminate " , " seedling " , " Zhong Miao " , " intermediate home " , " Zhong Man " etc. 1953 according to this ethical desire, ability is unified call the Bouyei nationality. Language of the Bouyei nationality belongs to Chinese Tibet phylum Zhuang Dong Austronesian is strong Dai language is raised, there was not a character in the past, use Han Wen all the time, contrived 1956 the literal plan that is a foundation with the Latin alphabet. Rich and colorful of art of culture of the Bouyei nationality, having full-bodied ethical amorous feelings.

"Drive a watch " it is the open and social activity that cloth depends on popularity of young men and women, it is to seek amative target to single young person, to married young person, if they monopolize to parents marriage is satisfactory, that is be play the peacock sing ability, state oneself are right namely otherwise of feudal marriage accuse with revolt. This kind is the activity driving a watch of main form with singing in antiphonal style, the man cries " billow chirp " , the woman cries " appraise field " (the meaning) of amuse oneself, in driving a watch, divide outside singing love song, still have the song that sing suffering, bring a lawsuit against song and escape marriage attune. Time is in commonly traditional festival or medicinal powder after collect, young stays, the girl of the handkerchief that wear a head and boy stand respectively both sides, mutual choose the person oen is in love with, the agency person among cries " Yin Qiao " , some boy is medium a girl, his " Yin Qiao " taking a gift " fly " to the woman beside, sing " billow chirp song " . If the girl agrees, answer eye to be considered, a in other boy " breathe out ah " below the watch sb go away that sound counteracts everybody, both sides of male and female walks out of a crowd, go up hill singing in antiphonal style, some still blows Mu Xie, male blow female sing very harmonious. After both sides knows feeling, ask for so that parents agrees, can hold wedding.

Cloth depends on person marriage is a form only, not " sit " (both sides of male and female does not live together) . Chore is handled busily all the day after bridal fetch, knit hemp spinning in the evening, till the late night, never enter bridal chamber actively, be like bride of the person that have husband's younger sister to bilk move and husband's younger sister to sleep, those who do not have husband's younger sister squeeze move and mother-in-law to sleep. At this moment, mother-in-law and sisters-in-law push the bride by force push-pull to pull the ground to send into bridal chamber. No matter the bride is satisfactory to the husband, mostly such, bride 3, after 5 days regain a married woman's parents' home. This kind of dramatic life, have pregnant to just end till bridal body. This stylish woman just is lived in in the husband below, call " sit " . Then the bride is worn " false carapace " state girl love period ends, period of industry of n/COL the head of a family grain begins young married woman. Cloth is in more according to the village make the same score dam, river valley or draw near according to hill water place, encircle is worn all around old " geomantic tree " with dense Zhu Lin. General every village is living a few down to hundreds of other peoples, the building has flag house, building and half, building, main housing materials is lumber, build a top with flag mostly, do not have distinguishing feature. Inside central room, have shrine commonly, or so both sides lies between house of kitchen room, bedroom, guest to wait, set igneous pool, basically make warm oneself with. Stockaded village medium or stockaded village edge is repaired have land temple, in the past in order to respect hill god a term applied to a kindhearted person, also be the place of party discuss official business.
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