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Miao Zu love is free round room is difficult
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Girl of West Hunan Miao Zu the first time go out Miao Yu of associate with boy friend says " tell catenary compasses " or " sneak away to if than sneaking away " , be translated directly even if " hawk puts snipe " and " collect pick seed if really " . Girl of boy associate with cries " compasses of the side that help catenary " or " smooth back smooth happy event " , be translated directly even if " hit an eagle to hit snipe " and " climb a flower to pick grass " .
Tryst of youth of West Hunan Miao Zu also has cipher and code, this is " careless mark " . Both sides should see careless sign only, know respective track. When encountering first, if the woman reachs date place first, need the crossing of preexistence date place accepts next careless bid. The meaning of this careless mark goes to the lover of appointment to know only, be like the magical work force with general password.

Nevertheless, also have the careless bid that average person can understand. Written guarantee on a grass an a knot in one's heart, knot of a knot in one's heart is on careless needle, the direction that careless root face trysts, allude one party to arrive first, signal the other side comes quickly. Latter sees this careless sign, must accept next careless bid, knot of a knot in one's heart is in careless mid. The person that a careless mark alludes pass by at the back of this, the lover in hill trysts, walk along the highroad please. The pedestrian saw such careless sign, general metropolis keeps away from, lest meet by chance the tryst of others.

Live in the Miao Zu of Yunnan south, there is a kind of activity that hit shuttlecock in young men and women, very interesting. Shuttlecock is Chinese folk uses those who kick the sort of, hit shuttlecock board pat with the ping-pong about the same. Young men and women is in the activity that hit shuttlecock, the one party that the one party that be defeated should invite to win " rub ear " , must not revolt, but can run. If be defeated by the men and women that wins both sides to do not have affection, pure belong to the match, the person that that wins can exert all that strength the ear that rubs the other side, till till the other side auditive hair is ironed. If fight each other the idea that the men and women has attachment each other, the person that the person that be defeated can let actively win rubs ear, and the person that win is to won't exert all his strength knead, however the ear that red face feels the other side gently. Also one is defeated to run, the person that win pretends to chase, two people walk to unmanned place all the time, pour out words from one's heart.

During part of traditional hill stepping on a flower, yunnan gold made the same score Miao Zu youth to arrive on beautiful hill field, well-meaning host is youths already ready a few " earthy phone " , it is to use bamboo slip to cheat oilpaper, cross the line from which and become. The men and women is in " earthy phone " on, the form that uses singing in antiphonal style expresses his feeling, enquire the circumstance of the other side. Sing arisen, the boy is met will " mike " give at the same time associate is dealt with, oneself run to peek the girl's about. If mutual unlike, singing in antiphonal style heretoes. If both sides is satisfactory, continue antistrophic, agree the ground that meets the next time is nodded.
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