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Welcome to Shaoxing double wedding market season
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After experiencing a short summer, along with the double (Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day) the advent of the wedding market these days, Shaoxing City, a full recovery. City hotels, wedding photo studio and the master of ceremonies services businesses have indicated that, "double" is the season of autumn is cool, but the wedding market will usher in "spring."

Mid-Autumn Festival "on two people happy," many couples choose to do during the holiday in a small wedding. Intime Hotel reporter learned from the Mid-Autumn Festival they hosted two wedding day, respectively, three days after the holiday is about. "These days, noon and night there, the four hall-full." Party at the official told reporters, "is more popular during the National Day, wedding every day, as long as the October weekends and holidays, have been booked . "

Reporter from the hotel banquet Reservations Xianheng learned the National Day holiday, nearly 100 daily two banquet tables banquet hall have been booked. Some hotels said that the second half of this year's banquet tables set than doubled last year. "Last year at this time Monday to Thursday noon feast are generally less this year, needless to say the evening, with lunch is a very tight schedule."

Reporter from the "Our Time", "Vicki bride" and wedding photography shop was informed that the hot days of the business so that they swept away the haze. "In general, September is the season to pick up the wedding market, October is the peak season, almost all the work of the photographer fully booked." Wedding photo studio in a city official said.

Also led the market to pick up wedding wedding emcee services. "It's more than two months, there are 20 orders for wedding master of ceremonies, every day new people come to the consultation is expected later this year can do more than 100." City of a well-known master of ceremonies wedding planning studio head said.