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Marry curtly the wine that brew suffering does not have love marriage event
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Because present a few youths live together curtly, marry the common occurance that causes marital misfortune. On October 9, city king lady took the bright light that struggled more than 4 years in unfortunate marriage lair to look forward to long already divorce report eventually.

Ms. Wang that lives in bright light city works in Shanghai. Metropolitan flourishing allow her forgetting to return. Via person introduction, ms. Wang and the Zhang Mou that live in Shanghai built love to concern. Zhang Mou demeanour is elegant and live in Shanghai, does this condition where search? Ms. Wang without thinking married at was being registered on March 25, 2004 with Zhang Mou. The close friends that registers the home town when marrying does not know right-down. After marriage, ms. Wang discovers Zhang Mou not only love ease and hate work, and hid the fact that punishment has taken because of crime before marriage. Live together only a month, compunctious Ms. Wang leave without say goodbye left Zhang Mou, both sides lives apart from now on up to now. Say according to Ms. Wang, zhang Mou runs away from home to its not care a nut never asks about his to fall. The family member thinks Ms. Wang did not get married all the time, raise a target for Ms. Wang everywhere, this makes married Ms. Wang very painful. Through anguish struggles, this year in July, ms. Wang heartens eventually mentioned to the court divorce suit, the requirement removes the marriage do not have love of its and Zhang Mou. After the court is accepted, miss via checking Zhang Mou, court lawfully absent cognizance, do not have emotional foundation in view of both sides, the Yiwei after marriage builds feeling of husband and wife, and both sides lives apart because of emotional disaccord the long fact that is as long as 4 years, the court made the court decision that allow divorces lawfully. One picket delimits eventually without love marriage went up full stop.