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Nanjing will hold collective of 100 pairs of new personality marriage cerem
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On November 3, 7 days, exposition of famous city of culture of history of world of 2008 China Nanjing will be in Nanjing to hold. Regard a famous city as one of meeting activities, ceremony of 100 collective to new personality marriage also will be held on November 5. At the appointed time, will 108 pairs of new personality collect egret continent park, spend a person to give birth to important hour jointly. City leadership also will visit the site, for marriage of new personality card.

As we have learned, this second marriage is in charge of with " harmonious Nanjing, harmonious home, be born with beauty " for the theme, divide make one's rounds of bridal grand ceremony, beautiful boat to swim in all, bridal regale, put 7 shares such as flying kite, invocatory happiness and benefit. In the meantime, marriage ceremony plan still made full use of the Nanjing characteristic element such as river of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty, bright city wall, will make new people sufficient experience Chinese marriage to celebrate a tradition, appreciate Nanjing characteristic culture.