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Receive " 80 hind " individual character wedding is wet, caricature marriag
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Do caricature marriage to celebrate oneself suffer chase after hold in both hands

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"The wedding of everybody belongs to him only, want the intention only, add little originality again, your wedding will be exclusive... "

Look, such temptation is how old! The youth pursues individual character, style, be to be in lifetime what is more,the rather that more most the happiest hour? Ground of new people leave no stone unturned is searching for the new generation of disposition make public to make his wedding provides the means of individual character alone. And this, ecbolic the originality business chance of individual character wedding.

Mention the getaway that oneself get on in this profession, kang Rongxiao talks " it is marriage gauze according to what force " : May 2006, there's still time is done not have to pat marriage gauze to illuminate when I marry, but the water brand of the hotel, desk blocks me to want to be done so that individualize some, produced the idea that draws a bridal cartoon to oneself so. Since oneself do a design, came out very quickly with respect to the picture so, the sense is good still, did a X that welcome guest to exhibit with this caricature frame, place in hotel entrance. Because the hotel returned those who have additionally two home marriage that day, for distinction, I did brand of a water that welcome guest to be put in hall entry point again, the bridal cartoon that still uses me designed wine to stick, the bridal things such as desk card. The close friends that came that day is profuse in praise to my design, one also should be designed when a few friends book them to marry at that time. Come so, I feel this is a good market, the I regard myself as formally to manage bridal caricature direction after the knot gets married.

Fresh originality increases the design dominant position of oneself, the trade that allows him starts very successful. Gauze of marriage of individual character caricature understands the technological process that make simple, no matter new personality body is in which city, caricature of gauze of OK and custom-built marriage, new personality needs to provide a picture only, he hotshot draw design is made, likeness is spent can be as high as 80% . It is start with the friend's wedding, brought the chain order with constant in a steady stream to him. Because originality is enough fresh, enough individual character, he did not cast a minute of money to advertise even, the business has a model to have kind with respect to downwind downstream ground. The design style of the business sort of clarity of the group with specific division of labor, classify, rich diversity... the bridal caricature that lets him is like tide reputably. Design the bridal cartoon of a pair of new personality successfully every time, sure bring for him book a chain ofly.
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