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Will marry in September wet marriage celebrates company month into 400 thou
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The haze that brings as the earthquake drops off gradually, the " holiday " that Chengdu marriage celebrates an industry also proclaims end. Marriage the schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater that celebrates compere small Jiang has been discharged to the end of November, he must excuse oneself from arrange the marriage dinner in September 3 times. And the reporter is informed from investigation of each big public house, after September of hotel marriage banquet carry on rate had exceeded 80% . In other words, the Chengdu September will be greeted new round marry height.

In September marriage celebrate market explosion growth

When be being contacted with Zhu Jun, he is exchanging views in other place and client prepare a large wedding. So far, this marriage celebrated the boss of the company to hand over the answer of your employee satisfaction: The bridal field number that will executed in August returns 30 afresh, and order will amount to more than 40 in September. Look in him, after September, marriage celebrate what the market will greet " of " explosion type to climb litre.

This can make up for Zhu Jun more or less the loss after the earthquake. Because earthquake of "5 · 12" happens suddenly, plan to will be deferred to the wedding that holds during July in May originally, be cancelled even. "This affirmation makes a person disappointed. "Zhu Jun says, before the earthquake, the marriage this year celebrates the market to be expressed great expectations, on one hand, people is right "8" the partial long-standing of this number; More important is, china held the Beijing Olympic Games that attract worldwide attention 2008. But earthquake, let marriage celebrate the market this cake is laid aside temporarily at the same time. "This is a regale that be late. "Such appearance are about to enter Zhu Jun the marriage September celebrates the market.

Schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater of hotel marriage banquet is discharged entirely full

As we have learned, every receive Zhu Jun the price of one sheet is on 10 thousand yuan, and under 10 thousand yuan order he won't consider normally. The reporter was calculated roughly, even if Zhu Jun every are odd only income 10 thousand yuan, so the sale September also will achieve 400 thousand yuan. Of course, zhu Jun also is facing enormous competition, at present Chengdu has more than 150 marriage to celebrate a company.

In marriage those who celebrate natant " of the " on the market is not just marriage celebrate a company. Regard an independence as bridal compere, jiang Chengliang also thinks to will greet bridal height in September. He revealed his working arrangement to the reporter, begin from September, his schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater has been discharged to the end of November. The price of independent and bridal compere is in every 1000 yuan or so. That is to say, jiang Chengliang is by November will at least income 25 thousand yuan.
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