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The government buys Chan Xinzheng to give furnace marriage check to lead vi
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Because the government goes money to buy sheet, add marriage to register with marriage check " one-stop " the service civilian measure, rate of check of Qingdao city marriage begins to pick up considerably, drove prepotent rate from this rise.
As other as our country city is same, qingdao city go up oneself the century is executed since 90 time mandatory individual at one's own expenses marriage check, year rate of average marriage check is near 88% . On October 1, 2003, the nation is new " marriage registers byelaw " carry out, want to beg marriage check and give marriage to register directly no longer, drop quickly when rate of check of marriage of youthful island city, to 2004, rate of check of whole town marriage falls to the history " freezing point " , it is only 2.33% .
By 2004, hill of Qingdao city Lao and yellow island two areas take the lead in executing in the whole nation new politics, by the government contributive, have the checkup before marriage freely for new personality. Subsequently, each prefectural areas are active follow the lead of, up to now, in urban district of 12 counties of Qingdao city, 10 are carried out by the government check of the marriage that buy sheet is made. Marriage check project is more compulsive also period is more comprehensive, what require cost bigger.
As we have learned, although cost of check of Qingdao city marriage pays by the government, whether to have marriage check, still register a person by marriage freewill. But the government adopted a few auxiliary measure to lead newlywed person check of active and volunteer marriage, include to undertake for new personality marriage bears healthy sanitation to seek advice freely, extend freely propaganda paterial of marital birth health, CD, online card. A the most significant step is: courtyard of health care of women and children () examine the place is moved to marital registry office, register and marriage check undertakes at the same time, execute " one-stop " service. Because took afore-mentioned step, check of Qingdao city marriage leads year after year to pick up. Violent wind rose 2007 to 47.92% . Among them, rate of check of urban population marriage is 43.5% , rural population is achieved 51.6% . This year first half of the year, according to not complete count, number of check of new personality marriage already evened more half.
Marriage check leads the result that improve is prepotent rate to rise. Before before long, li Cang area is in Qingdao city to rural new personality fish woman suffers from center of medical treatment of health care of women and children to spend I disease gently, this is a kind of congenital hereditary disease. After marriage check, the doctor explains this disease to bear to 2 people in detail may the dangerous sex of the generation below entail, admonish they had better not the child, good antenatal genetics also must be done to diagnose if wanting. According to secretary of this courtyard Party committee treasures Zhi introduces, in last few years check of marriage check disease gives Qingdao city rate more than 10% , among them disease of transmissibility, infectivity is occupied quite scale.
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