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Chengdu "wedding training" for the first time into the Sichuan University
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Yesterday, the wedding industry association for the first time into Chengdu, Sichuan University, set up training programs wedding professionals. In the first phase of Sichuan Normal University of Arts, will offer nearly 10 courses. Before June next year, the project will be carried out in many universities in Chengdu. Wedding host, talking about a single member, professional photographers, field ... ... the cloth into the school division will be set up nearly 10 professional, training time ranged from one to two weeks, the teacher is the theoretical experience of actual combat personnel have a wealth of industry . Training is mainly for art, media class students, the wedding train entered the university, can provide employment opportunities for college students, but also train professionals, to make up for talent gap. At the same time, but also provide a large number of internships and employment opportunities. The wedding is now a lucrative career filled with happiness and joy and a new job, wedding planning and only the host, the income per hour in 500-3000. Chengdu, more than 2,000 wedding of existing companies, more than 500 studio, can be professionals but only 8,000 people, and Chengdu, about 2,000 couples every weekend wedding, professional wedding talent gap up to 1 million people.