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People love scouring the high cost of marriage married wedding into online sal
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Prices rose a lot and getting married are so many places to spend money, less money is not married? Recently, reporters found that many people optimistic about the price advantage of online shopping has become, "Amoy marriage" family. In fact, this "Amoy marriage" not "fleeing forced marriages", is the platform through the network on a variety of shopping to buy supplies to complete the love affair, marriage, a new concept of consumption. Qi Cheng bridal shop in Guangzhou Currently, Taobao sellers operating in Guangdong wedding supplies to around 320, 70% are in Guangzhou, the reporter from the sale of a specialized invitations, candy boxes, paper products like greeting cards, where the owner was informed that the stores sell the best condition piece of wedding products have been sold more than 70 million pieces, a good selling 200,000 a month, and poor when there are 100,000, three times over the same period last year. Ring the store had sold only thirty million online Want to get married, must have a shelter, a house to decorate the house, buy decoration material, other household appliances, furniture and no less, to hold weddings, wedding dresses, candy gifts, red envelopes, invitations, signatures, etc. is unavoidable. That being the case, it would have to plan carefully, but online prices are cheap wedding supplies many. Now large furniture home appliances, buy a wedding ring, set wedding companies, wedding photography, small to invitations, candy, can all get in line. Members of the public will want to get married Li told reporters can get things on the Internet must be in line to buy because the price than the store offers a lot, took her to buy online for a 0.5 carat diamond ring, on-line 12000, complete Certificate if in the store the same color, clarity and cut to sell 3 million workers, is simply too much difference. Shop sellers want to attract new "customers Amoy" The reporters found that sales in the shopping site is the best wedding supplies business, candy, wedding gifts, but we all sell something like that, how to attract customers? For this reason, many stores and Creativity, a number of individual buyers custom wedding supplies, business is hot. One shopkeeper said that young people have no economic base, but the pursuit of individuality, so keen to get married on the Internet scouring products. This reporter saw one of the more creative selling is a signature wedding canvas, above or put a new picture or new designs of their own design. And another tailored for the new car paste the words "Chang bride" "Lee married woman," the words, do not have some fun. There are also personalized bottle opener, and its positive provided under the new photo, name, wedding date and other information design patterns, opening the back of a bottle opener, can be used to open bottle caps, as well as magnets, fridge magnet can do everything new ideas are filling