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Deal with marry register what is the program
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Marry except must outside the requirement that be good law sets, still must perform legal procedure. Basis a regulation, marry registering is those who marry surely classics program.
Marry registering is a country build the system that has supervise and administrative to what marriage concerns. The system that register, can ensure marital freedom, one husband one wife of the principle carry out carry out, those who assure marital party and its children is healthy, avoid to violate marriage, prevent the happening of marital family dispute, also be the important segment that undertakes on marital problem legal system is publicized at the same time. Implement each provision that registers about marrying seriously, have important sense to consolidate and developing system of socialistic marriage family.
One, marriage registers mechanism
According to the State Council " marriage registers byelaw " regulation, branch of civil administration of the State Council is in charge of countrywide marriage to register administrative job. The civil administration branch of various people government is in charge of place of prefectural class above the marriage inside area of politics of one's own profession registers management to work. Marriage registers administrative office, in the city it is street agency or the civil administration branch of the city area under administration, people government that does not set an area, be in a country is the people government of countryside, people country, town.
The duty of the marital mechanism that register is:
1, conduction marriage is registered;
2, issue marital relation proof;
3, handle illegal marital act lawfully;
4, propagandist marriage law, propose civilized marriage convention.

2, marry the program that register
Marry register can divide roughly for application, examine and register 3 link.
(One) application
1, Chinese citizen applies for to marry in Chinese churchyard must both sides arrives personally the marriage of seat of one party registered permanent residence registers mechanism application marriage is registered, when application, ought to hold following certificate and proof:
(1) registered permanent residence proves;
(2) dweller Id;
(Committee of 3) place unit, villager or issued marital status proves dweller committee.
Had divorced, still ought to hold divorce card. The party of the divorce restores husband and wife to concern, must both sides registers mechanism to apply for to resume marriage to the marriage of seat of one party registered permanent residence personally register.
Be in the place that executes pre-marital check-ups, apply for the party that register, must have the checkup before marriage to designation Medical Protection orgnaization, to marriage the mechanism that register refers pre-marital check-ups proof. Apply for to resume marriage, need not undertake pre-marital check-ups again.
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