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Artistic appreciation is tall bilingual chair emcee the month earns on 10 t
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Artistic appreciation is high-energy bilingual chair

Chair a wedding little criterion 559 yuan, many 3000 yuan two, income of some busy season month can amount to 10 thousand yuan... income of such high pay, add what begin from last year to marry wet, facilitated many tall record of formal schooling person be fond of in devoting into wedding to direct a trade, come.

The reporter is investigated -- month of busy season of emcee of tall record of formal schooling earns on 10 thousand

Xie Jun is the Master graduate student that is graduated from Chinese medium university, from original every collect fees 400 multivariate the part-time job chairs wedding, to now had been a circle inside famous " emcee of tall record of formal schooling " . Although express,not be to earn money ability makes this group only, the income that Dan Xiejun manages wedding is quite considerable. He tells a reporter, the income that at present he manages a wedding reachs 2500 yuan on average in 1500 yuan between, can chair 3 two every months, catch up with " 51 " , " 11 " around, can chair 67 every months.

"Although what doesn't tall record of formal schooling represent, but in tall record of formal schooling is at present rare the wedding that be short of manages a group, the graduate student record of formal schooling that must say me makes a lot of parents and new personality impressive. " Xie Jun says, higher education setting makes he has outstanding Chinese strength and deep traditional artistic appreciation. In bridal spot, he can embed the name of newlywed Shi Wen, couplet, send bridegroom the bride. In addition, he still can be in wedding of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals and the wedding that foreign guest attends undertake Chinese and English bilingual chair. Marriage celebrate a company -- record of formal schooling of bridal emcee majority is not tall

The reporter celebrates a company to understand from marriage of happy match of Beijing grand luck, the bridal compere that falls to avoid a banner is machine-made, marriage celebrate a company to be paid attention to more now in the get victory in the plan, because this marriage celebrates compere besides what have traditional demand " beautiful of enunciation Qing Dynasty, figure " outside waiting for postulate, the concoctive capacity that whether has originality sex and characteristic wedding is valued more and more. Golden mike culture develops the staff member of the company to tell a reporter, the compere that holds in the company grooms in the class, the near future is increasing learn to broadcast, wedding of study of the undergraduate students that teachs major and graduate student signing up is chaired.

Introduce according to the personage inside course of study, at present Beijing marriage celebrates compere to be record of formal schooling of high school, three-year institution of higher learning generally, record of formal schooling is in the majority under average three-year institution of higher learning, this lets marriage celebrate market opportunity also saw inside course of study,
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