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Market of Spanish marriage dress flourishing
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The personage inside course of study points out, spanish marriage dress market flourishing, but show appreciation for sb as Spaish costlier or noveller marriage dress, the portion that Chinese product imports market place to occupy in Spain already by 2005 33.4% drop to 21.3% 2006. However, this is not dress of marriage of the low in imply to do not have the market, course of study person need diversity of do one's best instead, it is cheap dress offers brand-new and unique design, in order to satisfy requirement.

Express according to the home surveying inside course of study, chinese inland and Hong Kong manufacturer make way with original more, formal attire of tailor brand marriage, wrappage and a variety of matching that act the role of, if the shoe is walked on, vanity, tire, veil, glove, skirt thes full front of a Chinese gown reach bouquet to wait.

Although Spanish garment industry suffers inside and outside,intense competition is perplexed, but marriage costume market however one branch alone beautiful, add brand of top marriage dress patulous business, native land market rises flourishingly, foreground beautiful. Buy the home to express, with the European Union the people look of other country is compared, spaish is in the pay of bridal respect is top.

Allegedly, marriage market of Spain is annual total value 6 billion euro, among them 5 into involve formal attire sale. A report of Madrid chamber of commerce points out, marriage formal attire is one of the mainest fields that Spain makes garment trade, also make one of the hugest export categories gradually.

ModestoLomba of chairman of association of stylist of Spanish fashionable dress expresses recently, spanish exit is sundry marriage formal attire and deserve to act the role of, sort increases ceaselessly, in global count as one of the best. Marriage fashionable dress of Spain uses innovation design and high grade material, accept international favour fully.

Spanish marriage and banquet dress make association carry out chief inspector AlexFlaque to think, the development of line of business of Spanish marriage dress lasts ideal, order, exit and company number all increase considerably, watch front of off-the-peg costume market to face dilemma instead, relax in spin commerce limitation especially hind, market is more hard.

Flaque add says, marriage dress is one of market fields with the mainest line of business of Spanish fashionable dress, occupy countrywide textile and total turnover of the commerce that make the clothing to exceed 11% . In addition, marriage dress qualitative element of Spain is top-ranking, the price is reasonable, welcome all the time by international.

The industry pays attention to detail

Whole marriage market covers formal attire face-lifting, photography, bouquet to decorate, honeymoon journey, hairstyle and make up wait for link. The investigation that occupies Expotecnic shows, wedding is held in Spain, cost uprights 20, 000 to 35, 000 euro, among them 11% use at formal attire, shoe to walk on reach deserve to act the role of. Expotecnic all holds exhibition of a marriage every year in the PuertadeEuropa of Madrid. Respect of bridal formal attire, price is about commonly 2, 000 euro, and concerned data shows, there is 15% to come in the bridal formal attire of work off 20% belong to stylist brand dress, price by 3, 500 to 8, 000 euro differ.
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