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Greet abstruse marriage to celebrate grand ceremony Henan to save choose co
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To salute the advent of Beijing Olympic Games, on October 5, 2008 pairs of new personality that come from countrywide each district will pull Fei Techeng fort to hold in Beijing Beijing " our Olympic Games " -- 2008 new personality greets China big family Olympic Games marriage celebrates grand ceremony. On July 14 morning, trials of compere of Olympic Games wedding, cameraman, makeup girl is started formally in Henan, the winner will celebrate grand ceremony service for Olympic Games marriage directly.
2008 new personality greets China big family Olympic Games marriage celebrates grand ceremony is " our Olympic Games " one of activities of large series culture. And " our Olympic Games " activity of large series culture is classics Olympic Games Organizing Committee the sex of formal approval, a commonweal that founds by 8 orgnaizations such as the Women's Federation of countrywide federation of trade unions, whole nation culture activity.

"We should choose 100 gold marriage to celebrate marriage of 100 compere, gold to celebrate cameraman and 100 gold makeup girl in the whole nation, celebrate grand ceremony to chair for Olympic Games marriage, photograph picture, make up. " Guo Xiang of director of center of progress of career of Chinese woman children says, the marriage of countrywide each district celebrates person trials to already began at present. Olympic Games wedding chairs Yang Ming of director of organizing committee of person trials Henan to say, this day rises, henan marriage celebrates average per capita to be able to sign up attend this trials.