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Marriage car " suddenly turn hostile " new personality heart
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Dispatch will follow our newspaper obviously on July 3 marriage celebrating company come to an agreement or understanding is to use " Kaidilake " when marriage car, did not think of to come however a BMW, make bridegroom bride big feel disappointed. It is reported, since June, jinan city disappear assist accepted consumer 12 cases to be opposite marriage celebrate a respect complain, the problem basically is photographed in photography centrally picture, hotel and marriage car respect.
Mr Sun that will marry on June 30 is complained say, bridal early days to marriage celebrated a company to rent 7 marriage car beforehand, agree head car is among them 4 most probably new " Kaidilake " . This company still vows solemnly, if have accident happening, can offer spare " run quickly " . The marriage car that wedding reached at 8 o'clock in the morning surely formerly that day comes till much at 10 o'clock ability, and those who come is " BMW " . Company bearer expresses, "Kaidilake " and spare " run quickly " in be being used, want to must wait for a hour again with the car.
Similar case happens on Mr Zhu body likewise, he spends 880 yuan to ask marriage celebrate company professional personage to be its bridal whole journey is photographed picture. Did not think of when to Mr Zhu broadcasts disc recapture home, discover, no matter image is definition or colour cannot be achieved marriage celebrate a company beforehand affirmatory effect, some vital scene and clue were dropped by editing and rearrangement even.
Feng Jingkai tells secretary-general of city consumer society the reporter, to avoid issue, facilitating thought fors the time being, consumer should with marriage celebrate a company to sign a written contract or agreement, will use a car, photograph picture, meal, emcee, make up wait for a service to be written into among them.