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10 days can make not care at all beautiful bride
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To the woman, of the red carpet on the pace that is momently most of Ke Baogui, and want to presenting a colourful light at this moment 4 shoot, the beauty of flawless white jade, let wedding become perfect lasting memory, you need to shift to an earlier date 10 days to undertake at least all-around nurse.

 Time the 10th day

Time already not much, act immediately! You should choose a professional beauty parlour today, let beautician make corresponding beauty body plan according to your skin condition. Can whole body of cense close skin nurses purify dead skin, do the whole body to tighten skin to repair protect, let you be shot in the Rong Guangsi on wedding. If you want to change,hairstyle perhaps delivers quality, also want to begin instantly. Because catch the effect with best hair,be to catching left and right sides of two weeks after hair, can make your hair looks more natural so, and if if hairstyle delivers quality,making you satisfactory, organic still meeting is corrected.

  Time the 9th day

Today's key place is eye ministry and back. Gauze of more and more marriage of the type that show a back and formal attire let maintain back appears very important, the ageing that rubs back of arenaceous product purify with skin when bathe is corneous, reoccupy bath gel is moist the skin, can make your back exquisite fair-skinned in vain. And the exhaustion that high quality eye film product can help you eliminate preparatory wedding, the double key point that yields you looks around strange looks.

Time the 8th day

What the necklace of low bosom formal attire, bright can let you is cervical the visual center that becomes others. Accordingly, you need to use appropriative neck frostlike powder, through clean, moist, massage and special nurse, make cervical skin produces apparent change in short time.

 Time the 7th day

No matter much busier should hold to complete skin to nurse program, the key that in this one phase skin maintains should be to strengthen protect wet and cause skin closely, in order to make skin presents burnish, achieve optimal result, your skin twinkles clear to show kind of glittering and translucent and transparent glorious.

  Time the 6th day

Today, you need to undertake the complete cleanness of skin, still search so that major protects skin center, do complete protect skin to maintain. Basic course includes range of deep-seated clean skin, apply, eliminate face of acne, massage apply to wait, can ask beautician to write the top margin of a page incidentally at the same time. Maintain besides facial ministry, also cannot oversight will maintain all over, include oil of apply body, essence to divide knit, systemic chamfer is qualitative, next body of gush the upper part of the body makes up water, wipe latex of body of the upper part of the body.
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