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The 4 paces plan that bridal beauty times
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Be about to become a bride, you had heard this song: " I will marry you tomorrow " , it sang most propbably certainly your worry, you have a lot of irritated concern of course, those who have pair of future lives is ineffable and yearning with fear, return promising that most the day that remember to the end of one's life you are beautiful, whether is bridegroom you to Jing admires and worry. Is the perfect bride in man heart what kind of? So what is what you need to do? Recommend project of plastics of ministry of 4 bedding face now, before marriage premise two months make these items, let you make beautiful scene but of eat " spruce bride " .

NO1, double-fold eyelid shapes the little secret of art · big eye

"Answer eye to laugh at 100 fawn on to be born " , the man is confused the most easily drunk in the eye in feminine exuding tenderness and love, see a pair of clever eye the importance to the belle, is the line of vision that wants to let him in wedding following you?

Single-edged eyelid, eye need not worry without magical bride, small double-fold eyelid can make an eye big and have a mind, look around strange looks. Small the biggest characteristic that achieves double-fold eyelid is operation process more simple, the effect is lasting, the double-fold eyelid after art is natural, do not look to give the spot mark of artificial carve, namely not truly, feigned, eyelid level off goes up after art, without hypodermic tubercle, and unwell feeling is not had after art. Restore as a result of art hind fast, because this got,more and more personages love the United States love.

Handsome one of marks that nose is a belle

Nose · of unripe grand of NO2, copy is custom-built a beautiful nose
Nose is located in in the center of facial ministry, its size, discretion, beard and facial appearance are harmonious. The operation of nose is facial to the change impression is very important, and if wait for these,resemble Li Jiaxin, Fan Bingbing, Yang Gong extremely the star that gets men to love to become the lover in the dream, have Jun Ting, delicate nose, they are admired evil spirit how many beauty!

Bazoo faulty bride is needless now the appearance that gives oneself in the nose that worries about oneself creates an obstacle, anaplasty of small ministry of three-dimensional and stereo bazoo lets you have unplug delicate nose, become him " in the dream perfect bride " .

Small achieve the copy that do not have mark to give birth to grand bazoo, it is nowadays the grand nose operation that gets praise highly fully, if German clique is ascended,it uses the data with advanced international, the United States graceful procrastinate affect Peng body material, these material have the consistence with the organization, light of X of two years of classics after art detects, the material that writes and human body organize as good as normally, and easily sculpture, can mix according to characteristic of your facial form, facial features oneself is temperamental, the design goes out to suit your nose form most, configuration is true and natural, operation safety, keep lifelong.
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