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Profusion summer makeup play the part of fresh " lubricious " young woman
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The person is avaricious, when having A, also hope B belongs to him, although AB has, still can want to receive C and D put in a banner 's charge to fall. What ABCD points to is not certain it is male or female, can be everything garment act the role ofing, creature comfort, also include color of course. But if have an insatiable desire for a person's mind to pile a variety of colour at the same time,go up in the face, be inferior to deducing their section.

   Comparative variation law: Green → is green red

Whether to think to turn makeup the color that can you choose same quality to fasten only? Because fear to choose lubricious meeting to destroy makeup look at random,this idea basically is. In fact, green makeup look is added blue with fizzling out is the safest method, want to know Huang La = is green, blue with green it is the lubricious department that be deeply attached to each other, but put these two kinds of color together, met however without new idea. Be inferior to deserving to go up green contrast is lubricious- - red, turn so makeup, can consider the comparative effect that be less than of purpose.

  Green red:

Position of peak of 1 preexistence eyebrow adds picture of eye of a yellow, add administrative levels touch.

The 2 eye head positions that cyan eye shadow Tu Yu fluctuates.

3 sweep with trumpet eye shadow pink look line is drawn to the rear in the center of in line leaving a small hole.

4 will original rouge imprint gently, attack after flour, will weak pink rouge is hit inclined sweep go up at both sides cheek.

5 lips add the pink lip variety that buys a glitter.

   Onefold green:

1 be in whole on shadow of eye of green of palpebral Tu Shangfen.

2 will bright pink rouge are swept at two buccal.

3 use a lip to sweep touch pink lipstick besmear to be on the lip.

   Become angry small stick person

1, come with pink only conjugate green, may have abrupt feeling, might as well the yellow that adds thaw, yellow already can line green, also but supplement is pink, it is to counteract both optimal choice.

2, do not overlap two kinds of color together, this can appear only " corrupt flooey " the effect.

3, pink eye shadow can make double eye produces bloated result, fasten firm firm ground to go up with pink picture so line of crude key point, shallow the effect that line of a pink look already had bit of eyeball.

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