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5 makeup looks make a bride melting to acme
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By all account " the bride is the most beautiful " , be in a bridal day that, the bride is worn full-dress, bring charming shame slightly, look charm, be permeated with happy feeling up and down all over, although ferial the girl that does not have an eye very also can become different at common ground beauty. However, bridal beauty relies on the mood to dress up only still is insufficient, makeup look also can be changed " decayed for magical " .

This year Qiu Dong's bride makeup look, taking sweetness and warm breath, with the pink of elegant romance, Mei red, violet color is given priority to dozen, show picture of a kind of romantic and bold and unrestrained intertropical amorous feelings. In addition, lively and bright yellow and pure and fresh and refined green, the blue of pure nature can continue popular; With this year Qiu Dongcai makeup photograph echo, what the skin of exquisite nature feels character is naked makeup extremely welcome also, these are to reflect a female gentle, grace and warm and temperamental optimal color.

Romantic rose

Can show most go out to marry a woman newly melting the delegate color with tender expression is auroral. Violet like the rose luxuriant with romance, the face that allows a bride appears more moving, also present two kinds of the female's inherent character at the same time, OK and innocent, OK also and enchanting, in letting bridegroom get drunk to be confused in purple affection.

Cheek: Choose the breast end the pink that is close to color of skin, the gimmick that presses in order to pat is thin apply the transparent touch that adds color of skin, decide with sweet pink next makeup. Sweep a facial outline gently with orange, basically reflect cutaneous to feel character.

Eye makeup: The key reflects the eyelash with eye shock ministry, but cannot break away from pure and fresh feeling, so false eyelash should have arrangement as far as possible. Cooperate advance gradually dizzy caught purple eye picture, make eye ministry all the more attractive.

Labial makeup: Draw the outline of gives clear-cut labial look, next will shallow besmear of weak colour of powdery violet lip is in the center of the lip, give a lip the department already with stereo feeling, can behave modern burnish to feel again.
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