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The Yu Dong on Zhejiang closes street
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Address: The Yu Dong on Zhejiang closes street postcode: 312352 contact: Miss Xu phone: 13065568022 [asks a specification to come fromSupple] fax: QQ/MSN: 305143753 network address: Http://[The domain name serves] More business is spread Marriage of Zhejiang Sheng city lily is celebrated Hai Zhixing marriage is celebrated Rainbow marriage is celebrated photograph like band Large marriage celebrates Zhejiang martial music group Warmth marriage celebrates a service center Luo Man marriage Qing Liyi Carry on promotes gold lily marriage is celebrated act art company Beautiful Tian Xi is spread of wind band of daughter red metal begins time: 12-16 ends time: 12-16 our band is to go up anxiety is the greatest best. Unite dress. High-class service is you festival add lively atmosphere. Marry service one continuous line: Flower. Marriage car. Photograph resemble wait